Mantra Meditation and drinking wine
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Just recently, somebody sent me their concern about booze and Mantra Meditation, How can Osho, as a  master, consume a glass of champagne and still meditate?

This is a legit concern. Society does not anticipate the spiritual ones to drink any alcohol.

Osho likewise did cecum to it. He states: Alcohol can disrupt the flow of knowledge since it can make you more unconscious– that’s its entire function. Your awareness is hammered a lot more with stress and anxieties, concerns, distress when you take any alcoholic beverage and feel great since your awareness goes to sleep. Thus, prior to knowledge, any type of intoxicant must be dropped, unless you condition yourself to it first, says the master.

He also said that It impacts your awareness and drags it downwards towards the darker worlds of unconsciousness.

In tantra customs, we have actually seen tantrikas who might consume a couple of glasses of red wine and still stay totally conscious.

Jesus consumed white wine, and therefore lots of other mystics might delight in red wine without getting intoxicated or drunk. 

Osho stated Just a few days ago that someone had asked – “Jesus drank alcohol. What do you think about it?” I can understand Jesus! He was so mindful and under control that, he might take some wine every now and then. However, I can not permit you. You are currently not ready, you are currently so strained; now, excessive use of alcohol will make you more unconscious and drag you towards the dark side if you are not careful. In the East, especially in India, there has actually existed a significantly awesome mystical school of tantrikas.

Among their extremely secret techniques is that whenever a master believes that a disciple is ready, he permits him to consume alcohol or take some other drug in little quantity, in little amounts, gradually.

As his meditation deepens, he is enabled to consume larger quantities.

The only condition is that he must always stay mindful.

Even under the impact of the drug, he ought to stay mindful– that is the only condition to be satisfied. said the guru.

This is an unusual experiment! And it arrives or comes io the point when a genuine meditator can consume a lot … he can consume alcohol much like water and he will stay as focused as ever, as mindful as ever. That is the essential test.

There are so-called holy individuals all over the world, who never ever touch alcohol, then they end up being intoxicated with the alcohol and start thinking they are holier than others.

They end up being egotistic and start condemning everyone else who drinks.

Osho cautions us about Booze and Mantra Meditation: Ego is extremely invigorating, remember it. It is more addictive than any alcohol can be. And it is pious; when it is pretending to be holy it is really pious– and a pious toxin is the purest toxin. Prevent it. Return to the earth. Be basic and see the truth as it is.

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