Powerful Meditation Techniques for Beginners of All Ages
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Meditation is the art of training your mind and bringing it to a state of blankness. Today, mediation is one of the most sought-after calming techniques to reduce anxiety-related disorders and improve concentration.

It is never too late to make meditation an integral part of your life. However, the challenge is to start the right techniques that are suited for beginners. Once you master the basic techniques, you can move on to learn the advanced techniques.

Buddhism & Meditation

Buddhism is one of those religions that pay a lot of importance to meditation. This is because Buddha achieved enlightenment only by meditating. Today, Buddhist meditation techniques are used for many purposes such as promoting peace within oneself and others, controlling anger, developing empathy, achieving goals without distraction, improving concentration and more.

Types of Buddhist Meditation Techniques for beginners

Here are some of the interesting and easy Buddhist meditation techniques that you can start doing in your home right now to achieve the purpose that you have in mind:

Samatha Meditation – The basic tip while meditating is to have control over your breathing patterns. In this technique, you will improve your concentration as you calmly focus on one particular object without thinking of anything else. You can have a picture of Buddha in front of you and focus on it with all your heart and mind to find internal peace & concentration.

Walking Meditation – This is one of the meditation techniques that you can use to focus on your concentration by sitting & walking routines. In this technique, you can follow the above Samatha Meditation and sit for an hour to bring your mind under your control. Then you can walk for an hour while meditating to improve the coordination between your feet and hands as you move in a small area.

Both of these methods are used for improving one-mindedness. Apart from these, there are other Buddhist meditation techniques for various purposes.

For achieving enlightenment – Vipassana Meditation (becoming aware of all the sensations in your body), Kloans (questions about self) and Shikantza (sitting continuously while concentrating) are some techniques in this category. However, before learning these, you should master the one-mindedness techniques.

Meditation Anxiety Disorder Benefits

Meditation is one of the best solutions to solve anxiety disorder, stress, and other problems related to depression. Anxiety disorder is a state where a person is not able to balance his emotions well when he experiences threats or uncomfortable situations. This is where meditation, when done for mindfulness, can help you better control over your mind and regulate the way you react to a particular situation.

The more you meditate the more positive you will feel about your life in general. This will keep negativity at bay. Medical studies have proved that a few months of meditation can bring a lot of calmness within you. Being aware of your breathing patterns is the first step to get your mind under control. However, you need to understand that this is not a process that will bring results overnight. You will face many distractions in the earlier stages, but learning to accept these distractions and being focused on breathing can help you get rid of anxiety disorders.

Here we have another Meditation Techniques geared for Beginners

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