How Science in Daily Life changed the world?
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Technology (Science and Soul) – Today’s Science in Daily Life is a characteristic component of human conditioning.

It can be nominated as a form of modern social consciousness. Its public presence in the current information, Its methods of reasoning and demonstration, Its beauty, are obligatory components in a society with socialist aspirations that put the human being and his collective, his dignity, and freedom, above anything else.

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The information interests of people are varied and the design, spontaneous and directed, of the media in a country usually respond to those interests. It is true that complete spontaneity is absent everywhere, including countries that claim to have the market as the only pattern for content construction. There are always powerful interests that determine what multiplies the majority of citizens in terms of information. A lot and very important could be reasoned around this.

On these two elements, the importance of science and the themes of the mass media, it is necessary to approach what should be the presence of science in the information that reaches a typical Cuban in the 21st century. Fortunately, other similarly enriching forms of social awareness such as life and artistic creation and the cultivation of the human body’s abilities in sport have an appreciable presence in the media of our country. Many dissatisfactions can exist with them, much more could be done to bring them up to the times, but they would always think about something that already exists and enjoys a constant presence in all media, both printed and electronic.

Unfortunately, a country that has created a significant scientific movement from almost nothing, thanks to an innovative Revolution, lacks an equivalent presence of science, technology, and innovation in its media. Officially we have informative and discussion bodies such as “Technical Youth” and in some moments we enjoy adequate information in other media.

But a country that annually produces about a hundred proven and very important scientific results, such as those awarded annually by our Academy of Sciences, does not disclose and multiply its contents to the entire population, which would enrich us materially and spiritually. Many other sources of Science in Daily Life “made in Cuba”, in universities and research centers, remain more invisible to the population than facts, sometimes certainly insignificant, of other facets of the spiritual life of the country.

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By Kamalpreet Singh

Working as a freelance contributor for several news platforms over the years, Kamalpreet has a well-thriving interest in the education sector. Kamalpreet is a contributor to the news city group and he passes his knowledge and expertise in reporting Education News.

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